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Nassau Valley Vineyards is Delaware’s first and only award winning winery. Located just a few miles from Delaware’s bustling beach resorts, the winery is nestled among verdant fields on a quiet country road. One turn off the highway and you are a world away.

Nassau Valley is Delaware’s first and only farm winery. A farm winery is a place where grapes are grown, produced into wine and sold all in the same location. We produce a wide variety of wines from sweet to dry and white to red. We grow Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc and supplement our production with high quality regionally grown fruit.

The winery is open for tours and tastings year-round, and we are open Mondays seasonally from 11am to 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 5pm, and Sunday noon to 5pm. Self-guided tours are free. Wine tasting is $5 per person and includes your tasting glass as a take-home.  The self-guided tour includes a history of wine museum, a look at the wine cellar and production areas. Picnickers are welcome.

Nassau Valley Vineyards hosts weddings, private parties and corporate events throughout the year.  We are located in Nassau off Route 9 or Route 1 west of Lewes, Delaware. Groups welcome, but call ahead for group arrangements.


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