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Tours & Tasting

Self-Guided Tours and Wine Tastings

Self-guided tours and wine tastings are available during our operational hours. Self-guided tours are free. Tasting is $15 per person and includes your tasting glass as a take-home. As per Delaware law, we may not pour tastings within the last 15 minutes of operation. Just like “last call” at a bar, you must be underway with tasting. In other words – if you show up at 10 minutes to closing we, legally, cannot pour any product for you. Last call for all tastings is at 4:30! You must be in the door by this time in order to be served! Children are always welcomed at NVV but you must be 21 to TASTE or buy. No exceptions. We understand that people travel as a family but please remember that wine tasting is an adult activity. By law, children may not stand nor sit at or near any service counter.

Weekends are extremely busy

All customers are taken on a first-come, first serve basis. We no longer accept reservations for groups on weekends. Any group of 6 or more must call ahead. We cannot accommodate bachelorette groups on Saturdays.

Guided Group Tours

Guided group tours are available for motor coaches, service organizations and other groups of 15 people or more. Guided tours are available by appointment only and are available Tuesdays – Thursdays only, outside of peak season (November thru May). The cost is $20 per person and includes our etched crystal tasting glass as a take home. All participants MUST be 21.

Educational Seminars

Educational seminars for businesses can be arranged outside of peak season.

Specialty tastings

Specialty tastings and food & wine pairings are available on-site or off-site for groups of 15 or more, outside of peak season and by special arrangement only.

About Our Tour:  

NVV boasts one of the most unique winery tours in North America. Our five gallery self-guided museum chronicles everything from the incredible 8,000-year history of wine to how the vineyard grows in the modern day.

Did You Know That … 

  • The Egyptian’s invented the wine press?
  • Or that it takes 16 lbs of fruit to make 1 gallon of wine?
  • The origin of the cultivated grapevine was Mesopotamia and not Italy?
  • Wine has been used as a medicine for countless centuries?
  • It takes at least 15 leaves to ripen one cluster of fruit?

These are just a few of the things you’ll learn on our tour surrounded by beautiful photographs, illustrations, and unique artifacts. Of course, you can also see the processing equipment if you want to. But that’s what you see at every other winery in the country (yawn).

The first exhibit gallery of the tour also houses our art gallery space. Each month a new exhibit features the work of regional artists covering all genres from watercolor and oil paintings to photography and sculpture. A “Meet The Artist” reception is held at the beginning of the show and is always open to the public.